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St. Paul's School Archives

Historic Postcard Exhibit


About the Postcard Exhibit


New Chapel, St. Paul's SchoolThe SPS Historical Postcard exhibit presents images of St. Paul's School from the late 1800s to the present. The scenes and buildings depicted by these postcards provide glimpses of the School as it has grown and changed over the decades. Images of vanished buildings, unfamiliar perspectives on buildings still in service, and of the School's changing landscape (for example, the School's stately elm trees from the days before Dutch Elm disease) offer an evocative mixture of the familiar and the unfamiliar, and invite us to view the School today with a fresh perspective.

This exhibit was created in 2007 by scanning postcards from the SPS Archives and others loaned by friends of St. Paul's School. Bob Rettew was the project director, and Sheila Kelly created the original online version of the exhibit with design help from Cindy Foote. The exhibit was redesigned in 2009 by Lisa Laughy.

Many thanks to the following individuals who loaned personal copies of their postcards for this project: Christopher Gray '68, John Lorenz '51, Marcia Matthews, Brian Murphy, Mary Ann Murphy.