Newspapers at Ohrstrom

Ohrstrom Library: Periodicals Room, Main Level.

Ohrstrom Library provides a wide range of resources for accessing newspapers for research and casual reading.

Click any of the bolded headings below to read a detailed guide for each newspaper resource:

  • Local and Print Newspaper: The following newspapers arrive daily at Ohrstrom Library and are available on the main floor of the library in the Periodicals Room. Members of the SPS community are welcome to drop by and read the paper during regular library hours.
  • New York Times : The library provides access to the
    • To register, visit Use your email address to create an account.
    • After registering, access your account via or the NYTimes app (available via
    • Access includes unlimited access to current articles, everything from 1851-1922, and 5 articles per day published between 1923-1980.
  • U. S Newspapers – Archival: Archival coverage of major U.S. newspapers and regional U.S. historical newspapers ranging from 1690-2004
  • Global Newspapers: Access to 2000+ global newspapers including two archival U. K. collections
  • Chronicle of Higher Education: Site license to all online content – new content added weekly
  • NBC Newsreels: Provides over 10,000 archival and current newsreels including coverage of key occurrences of the 20th and 21st centuries

Please note, to access these collections when off the grounds, please first log in to and enter your SPS username and login.